Baby Shower Tomorrow!

I’m so excited! Only 7 weeks away from my due date and I’m eager to get everything ready for little one’s arrival!

I’m so grateful to everyone who will be coming to support us and help us get everything we’re going to need. Soon enough the nursery will be finished. I want to be able to spend the last weeks not worried about if we have everything prepared.

Though, 7 weeks does not feel like enough time. Not when motivation is hard to find. I need to go into overdrive mode and get this shit done.

  • Purchase anything else we need after baby shower
  • Finish nursery set up – furniture, closet organizer, area rug, toy/bookshelf
  • Wash and put away all baby clothes, linens, etc.
  • Prepare frozen meals and snacks for after baby arrives
  • Final house cleaning – especially floors, bathrooms
  • Clean vehicle and install car seat
  • Set up newborn sleeping arrangements
  • Fill and prep diaper stations upstairs and downstairs
  • Baby shower thank you cards
  • Hospital bag
  • Postpartum care supplies
  • Nursing supplies and order breast pump through insurance
  • Maternity photoshoot coming up
  • Newborn feet and handprints keepsake
  • Outfits for newborn photoshoot
  • Address list for newborn announcements
  • Have all three dogs groomed
  • And of course all the usual: laundry, dishes, vacuum, cooking/groceries, general house tidy, dealing with medical bills…

Okay…I’m not going to panic. It’s going to be accomplished. I can do it. I can get this done before my precious boy shows up.

Don’t. Panic. 😳😳😳