Shopping Spree 🛍️😆🍼

I am so grateful for all the support and generosity of everyone who came (and even those who couldn’t) to my baby shower. We got so many things we needed and it’s really helped me to feel like we’re going to have all that we need.

Today husband and I went on a shopping spree! We went through what was left on the need (and want) list and finished buying or ordering everything. From nursing supplies, postpartum care, and more baby things – we are so ready! I even got the glider I’ve been wanting.

I’m so spoiled! 🤗

Once it all arrives in the mail I can put together the hospital bag and postpartum care kit to keep in my bathroom. I’m very happy! I’m going to be making crazy progress over the next week fueled by a fresh wave of motivation from all the final purchases.

I could burst with how thankful I am – to my husband, our family and friends, to the universe.

I feel so fortunate 💙