Everything is going so well!

I’m exited because this is the week I’ve been waiting for!!! The end of my to-do list is fast approaching. I already finished prepping all the Crock-Pot meals this past week and now I have 30+ frozen meals to last us for a while after our little one arrives. I have to say, it was surprisingly exhausting putting them all together even though I picked out fairly simple recipes.

Tomorrow the vehicle is being cleaned and detailed so we can then install the car seat. Also, the house is being cleaned. Today I’m pre-cleaning my house because I only want them to focus on some dusting, floors, and bathrooms. (Oh please please clean those damn bathrooms!)

Then on Wednesday the dogs get groomed. We also finished painting the living room so Wednesday will be the day when we put everything back together. We bought a new TV stand that will be arriving. My husband will be happy to set up his new TV we found on sale. I’m looking forward to putting up the pack-n-play and cradle swing! We’re going to be moving the bassinet into our bedroom too and just generally set-up all the sleeping arrangements.

Did I say how excited I am?!!?! The final steps of everything is falling into place 🤗🤗🤗