6 Best Ways to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy is among the very best phases in life not just for a lady yet additionally her partner, but this is truer if the maternity is prepared. Maternity is a matter of terrific duty and must be experienced when one is completely ready for it.

Both the partners have to be equally expecting the phase and must be just as ready for it. There are many methods to prevent unexpected maternity and if you want to recognize more concerning the same, you could undergo the adhering to offered information.

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1. Avoid Sexual Intercourse

The best way to stay clear of unintended maternity is to avoid sexual relations. Abstinence is certainly the certain shot method not to obtain expectant if you don’t want it. When you determine to take part in intercourse, after that even on making use of all sort of contraceptive ways, there is a little possibility to getting expectant however if you avoid it, then this opportunity could be gotten rid of all together.

2. Use a Condom

Another great and most commonly utilized means to avoid unintended maternity is to utilize a condom throughout intercourse. This is thought about an extremely risk-free technique of contraceptive and aids protect against several sort of sexually transmitted diseases. Inning accordance with research studies, it gives regarding 90% protection from unwanted pregnancies.

3. Female Sponge

Females could avoid unintended maternity using a women sponge. It is a considered a secure birth control technique and also is hormonal agent free, unlike various other methods. Not just is this method very easy to utilize yet likewise highly effective also. The only trouble with this contraception technique is that female sponges are still not extensively available, especially at local drug shops. The sponge needs to be placed inside the vaginal area and also aids prevent Sexually transmitted diseases as well.

4. Female Contraceptive Devices

There are many kinds of female contraceptive tools like diaphragm which is a small flexible rubber disc. This device should be placed into the cervix with the vagina of the woman under a medical setting. This is tailor-maked in terms of dimension and also is a typical technique of birth control. These methods are really secure, effective as well as commonly used.

5. Birth Control Pills

Another approach which could help you avoid unplanned pregnancy is utilizing birth control tablets. These tablets have the tendency to work on the hormones which set off ovulation and stop it and hence prevent maternity. These pills are extremely effective as well as it is essential that a person takes them under clinical prescription.

6. IUD

IUD or intrauterine devices are one more alternative which can be made use of to avoid unexpected pregnancy. It is generally a contraceptive implant which is placed inside the uterus and could even be carried for about 5 years. It does have a few side results related to it but is thought about a reliable as well as secure way to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

It is crucial to make use of the method of contraception meticulously as this could be a life changing decision. One have to constantly seek advice from a physician prior to taking any choice regarding this.