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Rosacea And Other Common Skin Problems During …

Sure the pregnancy radiance is something that many ladies delight in during their pregnancy, some will have the finest skin while pregnant of at any time in their life.

Others nevertheless have to compete with Rosacea, acne breakouts, rashes, itching, stainings, Chloasma, crawler blood vessels as well as a variety of various other skin problems during pregnancy.

Some females establish Rosacea for the very first time throughout pregnancy or those that have had the pre-existing problem find that it obtains much more pronounced or obvious throughout this period.

what causes gestational diabetes

For one of the most part this is not something that needs medication, and maintaining the area clean (by spraying with chilly water numerous times a day) as well as reducing use rough cosmetics as well as alcohol consumption a lot of water might be all that is required.

Chloasma or the Mask of Pregnancy is a kind of irregular tanned look on the face skin that looks like a butterfly shape. This appears due to hormone adjustments in the body while pregnant, which triggers much more melanin (what creates the pigment in the skin) to be generated. Stay clear of sun exposure regarding feasible, this problem will certainly reverse itself after pregnancy.

Acne breakouts could be one more issue triggered by maternity hormonal agents. It is very important to avoid anti acne medicine containing Accutane as well as Retin-A because these are recognized to cause abnormality in some cases.

Also considering that skin is more delicate during this moment, unpleasant exfoliants as well as rough formulations should be stayed clear of. Rather it is more crucial to utilize residence treatments such as an oatmeal scrub. Regardless remember this condition will reverse itself after pregnancy.

Spider Veins are a problem for lots of females while pregnant. These are various from varicose capillaries, these appear like spider webs, as well as are triggered by damaged capillary like capillaries that become noticeable underneath the skin’s surface.

Sometimes these may also appear on the face and also might call for the help of make up to camouflage. These are referred to as Nevi, as well as if they do not vanish after maternity, they may need a skin doctor’s attention.

Red and itchy palms or soles: The hormone estrogen can also trigger some females to develop itching and also soreness in the areas of their palms of the soles of their feet. This is typically light and does not need clinical interest, and also normally disappears after pregnancy.

So while pregnancy can create numerous issues of the skin, it is essential to bear in mind that the majority of these problems reverse themselves after that as well as do not require any type of intervention.

Your Pregnancy Is At Risk Of Having Eclampsia!

Eclampsia is a severe, dangerous clinical problem that takes place in late maternity where hypertension can bring about seizures.

It is likewise recognized as toxemia with seizures. It could likewise cause coma or even death of the child as well as the mom during or after pregnancy.

It is found that eclampsia takes place in approximately one from every sixteen hundred pregnancies and also mostly takes place in the third trimester of pregnancy.

It is the final as well as severe phase of pre-eclampsia. diet for gestational diabetes

Pre-eclampsia is a problem that occurs while pregnant where high blood pressure with high degrees of healthy protein in the urine causes swelling in the feet, hands and also legs. When pre-eclampsia is left unattended, it brings about eclampsia.

The exact cause of eclampsia is unknown. Current researches believe genetics, inadequate nutrition, body fat, and also absence of enough blood supply to the womb as the reasons for this condition.

Eclampsia could take place at any kind of phase throughout the second trimester of pregnancy. In many cases, it could happen prior to twenty weeks of your pregnancy.

The hypertension that occurs before twenty weeks conception is called chronic hypertension whereas the hypertension that takes place after twenty weeks of maternity is called pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. Five to 8 percent of all pregnancies develop this condition.

You may get this problem if you are initial time expectant or expectant after forty years. It likewise takes place if you have hypertension prior to pregnancy, over weight prior to maternity, a history of pre-eclampsia, diabetes [Gestational diabetic issues], kidney illness, or rheumatoid arthritis, or lugging numerous babies.

Seizure is the first sign showing the incident of eclampsia. You with eclampsia experiences severe anxiety, coma or unfamiliarity, migraines, dizziness, nausea, throwing up, irregular urination, stomach pain, abrupt weight gain, muscle mass discomforts, blurred vision, lack of breathe, swelling and lack of concentration.

Right away inform your gynecologist about your problem whenever you come throughout any one of these signs. Your healthcare carrier will certainly evaluate the condition by doing a physical test. Your high blood pressure as well as breathing rate will be examined and observed.

You may be recommended to execute a blood examination to examine uric acid, kidney functioning, liver performance, and also platelet matter. Urine tests are carried out to examine for protein, which indicates your possibilities of establishing eclampsia.

With eclampsia, you should have regular examinations in order to evaluate your problem of the maternity. The birth of the baby or distribution is the therapy for eclampsia if your maternity is over 28 weeks.

Your health and wellness treatment specialist might recommend total bed remainder, medications to prolong the maternity as well as to boost your baby’s possibilities of survival throughout pregnancy.

However, if it is below 28 weeks, the labor might be induced although the opportunity of making it through the infant is very less.

There are various other treatment options to lower the high blood pressure. Anticonvulsants (diazepam as well as phenytoin) are the medicines that help manage eclampsia and stay clear of the occurrence of further seizures.

An injection of magnesium sulphate is other best anticonvulsants that are offered to minimize the danger of creating eclampsia.

What to Eat When You Have Gestational Diabetes…

gestational diabetes

What to Eat When You Have Gestational Diabetes mellitus: The Total Guide

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus can be a shock. You have actually never had diabetes mellitus prior to, so you’re uncertain exactly what to eat. What foods should I avoid? Will certainly my meals considerably change?

This message will certainly direct you on exactly what’s safe to consume when you have gestational diabetes.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Simply placed, a lady has gestational diabetes mellitus if she’s never ever had diabetic issues before however has high blood sugar levels throughout pregnancy.

When a lady becomes expectant, she will require extra sugar to nourish her baby and also her very own body will end up being somewhat resistant to insulin. The trouble emerges when the mother is unable to create or make use of the insulin needed for maternity. When this happens, glucose is trapped in the blood and accumulates.

Around 9.2% of expecting ladies experience gestational diabetes mellitus, according to the Centers for Illness Control and also Prevention (CDC).

What Creates Gestational Diabetes?

Although it’s uncertain exactly just what triggers gestational diabetes, insulin resistance might play a part. Hormonal agents from the placenta could stop the activity of insulin in a mommy’s body. This indicates that it ends up being much more difficult for the mommy to use insulin as well as to make up for it, her body could call for three times as much insulin.

While any expecting female may develop gestational diabetes, there are danger variables:

  • Age 25 or older
  • Family history of diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Risk for diabetes mellitus (i.e. clinical conditions that make having diabetes extra likely)
  • Black, Hispanic, Asian or American Indian (it’s unclear why non-white races are more in jeopardy)

Can Gestational Diabetes mellitus Harm the Baby?

If a mommy has diabetes before she is pregnant, her infant is at danger for different abnormality compared with a child that was birthed to a mommy with gestational diabetes. This is because by the time a mom is influenced with gestational diabetes mellitus, her baby is currently formed.

However, the child is still growing throughout this moment as well as could be impacted if the mother does not take actions to treat her disease.

If untreated, a baby could be impacted in the complying with ways:

  • Born with macrosomia AKA “fat” baby– A newborn infant that is birthed with macrosomia considers greater than 8 extra pounds, 13 ounces. So why does gestational diabetes cause a huge baby? Added blood sugar takes a trip via the placenta and causes your baby to have high blood sugar degrees. To get eliminate the blood sugar, your infant’s pancreatic produces even more insulin. The additional power your baby does not utilize is saved as fat.
  • Birthing complications– Large babies could have problem travelling through the birth canal. This might harm the infant’s neck and/or shoulders. You’re likewise most likely to have a C-section if your child is big.
  • Low blood glucose levels
  • Preterm labor as well as the dangers connected with it
  • Risk for breathing problems
  • Increased obesity risk as a child
  • Increased threat for kind 2 diabetes as an adult

It need to be noted that lots of mommies with gestational diabetics issues have healthy infants if they keep their health and wellness in check.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Many ladies who develop gestational diabetes have no signs. Nevertheless, in between 24 as well as 38 weeks of pregnancy, your physician will automatically check you for it. If your blood test reveals that you have high blood glucose, you will certainly need a second blood examination. If you are detected with gestational diabetic issues, you will have more constant appointments.

How Is Gestational Diabetes mellitus Treated?

When you’re identified with gestational diabetes mellitus, you may be regularly fretting concerning the health and wellness of your infant. The finest way to guarantee he or she is healthy is to control your very own health.

If you’re anxious, advise yourself that an entirely healthy and balanced pregnancy as well as baby is feasible if you do your greatest to manage the disease. Your physician will certainly create a therapy strategy details to you. Your treatment plan could include:

  • Frequent exercise– Exercise is really valuable for handling diabetic issues. When you obtain your body removaling, the glucose relocates right into your cells and also is utilized for power, which lowers blood sugar level. Workout could likewise make insulin more efficient.
  • Diet plan (more on this below)
  • Blood sugar monitoring and constant check-ups– To check your blood sugar in your home, you will certainly should purchase a blood sugar meter. Using the needle connected to the tool, you will prick your finger for a decline of blood. You then position the decrease on an examination strip.
  • Medication– If way of living adjustments don’t make a difference, your medical professional could recommend blood sugar level control medication or insulin injections.

Your doctor might likewise refer you to various other health care professionals who can help you handle your blood glucose degrees. These might consist of an endocrinologist, a diet professional or one more specialist that specializes in diabetes.

Diet Plans for Gestational Diabetes

You have actually heard it sometimes prior to and also you’re going to hear it once again currently: For a healthy and balanced pregnancy, you ought to be eating a balanced diet plan of fruits, vegetables as well as entire grains. These foods ought to be eaten in healthy and balanced sections and also should be reduced in undesirable fats as well as calories. Your focus should get on healthy and balanced fats, healthy and balanced carbs and also proteins.

The exact same guidelines typically relate to those who are identified with gestational diabetes, nonetheless, there could be a few adjustments. Your diet relies on your weight, blood sugar degree, exercise regimens as well as previous food restrictions/allergies. Your doctor could recommend that you attempt to take in the very same quantity of carbs in each meal.

If you’re fretted regarding picking a diet regimen that is ideal for your body, it could be practical to get to out to a signed up diet professional or a wellness care professional that concentrated on diabetic issues. They will certainly be able to look at your particular case and make suggestions and also diet plan plans that are optimum for you.

Gestational Diabetic issues Diet plan Plan Tips

Instead of consuming 3 big dishes, consider making 6 smaller sized meals. This would basically appear like three smaller sized dishes with three small, healthy treats in between. Considering that you wish to consume regularly, portion control is key.

Your blood sugar is more difficult to manage in the early morning, so you should take into consideration starting your day with healthy protein as opposed to just fruits or vegetables. Healthy protein assists you to manage your blood sugar, so consuming it with each of your 6 meals is suitable. You must also keep away from fruit juices considering that they are sugar-laden and will increase your blood sugar level levels.

Try obtaining sugar from natural sources, such as fruits. Remain away from refined foods and refined carbohydrates, such as baked items, candy and also pasta. When you remain in the supermarket, check to see if there’s a sugar-free or no-added sugar variation of a product.

Since fruits contain natural sugar, they are secure to eat in moderation. You must consume one to 2 fruit portions a day yet space out the sections. Fresh and frozen fruit is fine, yet steer clear of from canned fruits.

While it might be alluring to pack up on fabricated sugars as a choice, you must attempt to limit on your own. An Israeli research wrapped up that fake sugars can add to glucose intolerance. Others claim that given that these sweeteners are so sweet, you will certainly need a growing number of to be satisfied. While utilizing a pack every so often shouldn’t hurt, you should not depend on it as well as needs to ditch the diet soda.

You may be amazed at just how much you’re still able to eat after you have actually been identified with gestational diabetes. A number of these dishes you probably make in your kitchen area already.

Gestational Diabetes Morning meal Ideas

Whole Grain Cereal


Eggs cooked to your preference with whole wheat toast

Gestational Diabetes Lunch Ideas

Sandwich with meat and veggies

Chicken salad with an entire wheat roll

Soup (preferably one which contains healthy protein)

Gestational Diabetes Supper Ideas

Meat and also veggie side recipes (ex lover. hen and veggies or beef and potatoes)

Chicken stir fry with veggies

Bean/legume salads

Gestational Diabetic issues Snack Ideas

Veggies with a healthy protein dip (ex-spouse. hummus)

Fruit with a healthy protein dip (ex. Greek yogurt)



While the above pointers are basic suggestions for a lady that has gestational diabetes, you need to always consult your doctor to see which diet regimen strategy is best.

Can Gestational Diabetic issues Remain After Delivery?

While no mommy wishes to be identified with gestational diabetes mellitus, it’s not a long-term illness as well as will likely diminish after pregnancy. After distribution, your blood sugar level degrees are most likely to normalize.

Your blood glucose levels will certainly be inspected after you deliver as well as six weeks after.

The problem is that you will certainly be most likely to develop diabetes down the roadway. Because of this, it’s a smart idea to have your blood sugar level degrees checked frequently, even if they show up to have normalized.

Can Gestational Diabetes Be Prevented?

It’s impossible to 100% avoid gestational diabetic issues. The finest way to prevent it is to guarantee you have a healthy way of living. This consists of eating healthy as well as working out often. If you’re overweight, shedding fat prior to you conceive may additionally decrease your risk.

Do you have gestational diabetes? If you do, comment some of your preferred diabetes-friendly meals. If you have expecting good friends, be certain to share this post with them too!

The importance of pelvic floor exercises

what causes gestational diabetesThe muscles of the pelvic floor are extremely essential for the assistance of the inner body organs as well as bladder as well as bowel function.

The muscles could become stretched and deteriorated while pregnant but childbirth, causing pelvic floor dysfunction but LBL (light bladder leak) or continence troubles (among others).

Statistics reveal a shocking number of mommies experience bladder weakness throughout as well as after pregnancy.

This is why it is significantly crucial for moms to keep these pelvic flooring muscle mass as strong as feasible previously, during, and also after pregnancy.

Learn extra concerning your pelvic floor

Pregnancy could be one of the most enchanting time in a woman’s life, and yet many females are still not really prepared for the adjustments their body will experience even prior to they have offered birth.

Most adjustments are all entirely normal, yet unlike stretch marks, a hurting back and also sleepless nights, bladder weakness is something that numerous women have problem speaking about.

Conservatively it is approximated that a shocking 2 in 3 women will experience some kind of bladder weakness throughout pregnancy. This is since maternity, labour, as well as birth place additional strain on the pelvic floor muscles – damaging them.

Stress incontinence, bladder weakness, or LBL could take place simply from giggling, sneezing, or coughing. For some it can be an actual problem, however, for several women it just amounts to a couple of decreases from time to time. Despite exactly how small the leakage, it’s still aggravating and can bring about some unpleasant minutes in what must be a stunning time.

Tips for a healthy bladder

For many ladies, bladder weak point can be healed but in nearly every situation there is something that can be done to manage and also enhance the situation.

There are numerous points you could do to guarantee you have a healthy bladder:

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Don’ t go to the bathroom “simply in case” or each time you obtain need – attempt to hold on a little bit longer
  • Cut down on bladder toxic irritants such as coffee, tea, soda drinks, as well as alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Learn to do pelvic floor exercises

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles

Like any muscle mass, pelvic flooring muscle mass require a normal workout to stay solid. Pelvic flooring muscular tissues require particular attention throughout maternity as well as article birth.

The flooring of your pelvis is made up of layers of muscular tissue as well as other cells. These layers of muscle stretch from the tail bone at the back to the pubic bone at the front, like a trampoline. The urethra, vagina, but the anus travel through the pelvic floor muscles which support the womb and bowel. By reinforcing your pelvic flooring muscle mass with a series of basic workouts, you will have the ability to boost control of your bladder.

Practice every day

  • Squeeze, lift, and also hold as though you are trying not to pass wind
  • Squeeze and also lift 3 times quickly
  • Squeeze the pelvic flooring muscles as well as hold for 3 seconds as well as gradually release for 3 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Do these 3 times a day

If you discover the workouts getting less complicated, hold for longer and also enhance reps. It could take 6 to 12 weeks before you notice any type of improvement.

Remembering to do your pelvic flooring workouts could in some cases be challenging. A great way to bear in mind is to choose a trigger – such as every time you quit at a traffic signal when driving.

More information

The complying with internet links give added details and pelvic floor exercises

  • Continence Foundation of Australia
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital, Victoria

The Bub Center Directory site’s Pregnancy Workout Courses and Post-Natal Exercise web pages give information on courses in your town that could assist with pelvic flooring development.

For a lot more info regarding exercise throughout pregnancy, have a look at our Ultimate Overview of Exercising While Pregnant.

Note: this details is not meant to replace medical recommendations. If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare provider.

Oranges for healthy eating in pregnancy

diet for gestational diabetesWhen you’re bringing a brand-new life into the world, it is essential to make sure you have a healthy and balanced, balanced diet for you but your expanding baby.

We all recognize that oranges are a fantastic resource of vitamin C, however did you know that they are stuffed packed with various other nutrients that could assist maintain you but your little one delighted and healthy?

Peel them, slice them, or grind the peel – there are lots of means to incorporate oranges into your diet regimen. Right here are just a few of the great health advantages you can reap from eating oranges during and also after pregnancy.

Vitamin C

Oranges are best understood for their vitamin C, but completely factor: vitamin C assists to support the immune body of mothers-to-be, as well as aids in the launch of iron but zinc from foods, which are vital minerals that assistance reinforce the immune system.

But vitamin C isn’t just helpful for resistance: expanding evidence suggests that consumption of vitamin C might likewise assist maintain your baby healthy.

Research reveals that greater consumption of vitamin C while pregnant could minimize the risk of infant allergic disease and wheeze, and keep your infant’s mind healthy.

With 64mg of vitamin C, one orange includes virtually one as well as a half times your recommended nutritional intake, nevertheless, do not consume 10 oranges eventually as well as none the next! Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it isn’t really permanently saved in your body. This implies that in order to reap the complete wellness advantages of oranges, expectant ladies should be consuming oranges frequently.

Did you know?


It has actually been well-established that folate is a valuable vitamin for mothers-to-be. Folate is made use of for the formation of blood cells as well as brand-new cells, and sustains conception but development of a healthy and balanced placenta. Scientists have actually likewise found that women with higher folate intakes had rises in their fetus’ birth weight.

Pregnant ladies need to find 5 to 10 times much more folate than non-pregnant women.

Oranges are a terrific all-natural resource of folate for mothers-to-be – one orange consists of 9 percent of your suggested dietary intake.

Water and hydration

It’s essential to maintain your body delighted and hydrated while pregnant, but oranges can add to your everyday liquid intake. Not just are oranges rich in water with 88% water web content – they are also vendors of potassium but low in salt, which assistances with water equilibrium but hydration.

Tip: Tired of cutting oranges into 8s? Why not attempt this instead? Peel two oranges, slice them, as well as place right into a popsicle mould. Pour water into the mould, and also freeze over night for a yummy treat.

And after your baby is born…

… don’t stop eating oranges! As an abundant source of nutrients and anti-oxidants, oranges could aid keep your skin healthy and balanced as well as secure your skin from the indications of ageing.

Oranges are great if you’re watching your figure post-baby, or as a healthy and balanced treat. Oranges have absolutely no fat but a low glycemic index, and are naturally high in water as well as reduced in calories. Plus, oranges consist of a lower amount of sugars than other fruits however are high in fiber, which means they will certainly maintain you fuller for longer.

Learn How to Lose Weight While Pregnant

It is just normal for expectant females to get some weight. However if you were overweight to begin with you could be asking how to slim down while pregnant. Most of individuals say that ladies should not be slimming down while pregnant, but there are some risk-free means to manage the quantity of weight they gain.

gestational diabetes

Control the food cravings as well as slim down during pregnancy

Some of the most annoying signs that pregnant ladies experience are the food cravings. Much more, usually these bring about weight gain. Sometimes it really feels like heaven to have some delicious chocolate or ice lotion, there are some healthier choices that will certainly decrease your cravings.

When assuming about losing weight while being expectant you should consider the foods that come with a reduced glycemic index. These foods will stabilize your blood sugar level. This method it will certainly become less complicated for you to manage your weight and also you will have much less child weight to get eliminate after pregnancy.

Frequent meals

When thinking regarding dropping weight while pregnant females might find having frequent meals foolish. The main point in this case is to have constant, small dishes as opposed to the routine 3 bigger dishes each day. By doing this you can reduce on the additional and also unneeded calories.

You can drop weight when being expectant if there is always some food in your belly. In this manner your blood glucose level and also metabolic process will go to constant levels and also you will have adequate power for the entire day. Bear in mind that the meals that you have should be smaller than your routine meals.

Some exercise

Although not all workouts are risk-free during maternity, if you have the right ones you can drop weight while expectant. Some light exercises will certainly aid you stay in shape and even to shed weight. In the same time they will aid you get rid of the discomforts and also pains that are specific for pregnancy.

The advantage about dropping weight when being pregnant is that if you do so by having workouts you will become extra versatile and also this will certainly be a terrific benefit throughout labor as well as giving birth. Some excellent choices for workouts include swimming as well as walking.

Swimming is just one of the finest methods for pregnancy weight reduction. This is due to the fact that since you remain in the water there is no pressure on your joints and tendons. The activity likewise makes the pains much better and also it makes you removal all your muscular tissues of your body, specifically your back, aligning all the ideal body parts.

When seeking some low impact activities for expectant females dropping weight you could additionally consider stationary biking. This activity will help you construct endurance. Pilates and also yoga may likewise become valuable. Nonetheless in this instance you have to make certain that your instructor has experience with expecting women.

Now you have the response to the question how to drop weight during pregnancy. Just bear in mind that you don’t really have to eat for two so try to concentrate on healthy foods.

Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy – What Are the Ra…

The partnership in between hypothyroidism and also maternity is known to be a bothersome one and one that women with thyroid condition need to familiarize themselves with.

There are numerous problems that can occur, varying from difficulty obtaining expectant to problems in correct fetal advancement as a result of this disorder.

Problems related to hypothyroidism as well as pregnancy

Firstly several women with inadequately handled or obvious thyroid might be below productive or perhaps infertile as well as could locate it very challenging to attain a pregnancy. There is likewise a raised chance of experiencing a losing the unborn baby if the thyroid condition is improperly controlled.

Having conceived there is after that the risk of a number of pregnancy problems that increases: problems with the placenta, risk of early birth and even still birth and also so on increase.gestational diabetes

There is additionally the worry that babies birthed of hypothyroidism throughout pregnancy might have reduced IQs given that intellectual advancement in the womb may be hampered if a woman has elevated levels of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormonal agent).

Developmental hold-ups may be seen in the kid after birth and also bad scholastic performance and also finding out problems might occur if thyroid was poorly handled prior to and throughout pregnancy.

In basic, the more serious the hypothyroid, the much more serious the INTELLIGENCE deficit in child is, yet just what can be worrying is the fact that also if the mom shows couple of outward symptoms, there might still be some difficulties with hypothyroidism and pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism could affect the fetal advancement early in the pregnancy, prior to a mother is even knowledgeable about being pregnant. Even if appropriate therapy is obtained later in the pregnancy, researches have shown that there is still a chance of some developmental hold-up in the baby.

How to manage hypothyroidism and also pregnancy

Many experts advise that there need to be regular thyroid screening of females that are planning to get expecting, especially those with an enlarged thyroid gland or a family members history of the condition. It is very important to obtain the thyroid in control prior to the pregnancy and also for this medicine dose can be changed as called for. There is evidence to recommend that some females can gain from receiving selenium supplements before obtaining pregnant.

Regular screening for thyroid levels throughout pregnancy is necessary since there may be the should change of tweak dosage of the thyroid replacement medication as the maternity progresses. Mediations for hypothyroidism and maternity could be something that stresses females, yet these medicines are understood to be safe to take during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.

In fact women need to know that the benefit of being appropriately medicated for hypothyroidism throughout pregnancy prolongs its benefit to the mom along with the child so taking care of as well as keeping thyroid levels on an also keel is important with pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism after pregnancy

Most females will return to their normal thyroid medicine dosage after the distribution of the infant so there are no irreversible fallouts of hypothyroidism and also pregnancy so long as the problem is well regulated. As for whether the child will have thyroid problems or not is something that could just be spotted after the baby is born.