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For lots of females, early morning sickness is among the earliest signs of a pregnancy, as well as lots of ladies favor not to take antiemetic to alleviate early morning health issues (which by the way can strike at any type of time of the day to state absolutely nothing of anytime during the pregnancy) but choose to select different or all-natural remedies to take care of this usual maternity symptom.

Many women wish to keep medication down to a minimum while pregnant and also are likewise made awkward by sleepiness that anti queasiness medications can induce.

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For this factor a wrist band created by depending on the principles of acupressure may do the task of reducing morning sickness.

An Acupressure wrist band like this one, available at or this Sea Band, case to put mild massaging pressure on the Nei-Kuan acupressure factor of the wrist. The wrist band is adjustable as well as comfy, as well as is said to relieve queasiness as well as even activity sickness.

The band makes use of a plastic stud to tax the appropriate point on the wrist as well as the product has ideal instructions to locate the particular point on the wrist. The wonderful thing is that this may be available in handy after the maternity, for those that get motion sick!

If there was a poll taken to identify which maternity symptom females discovered most un-enjoyable or if there was a poll to see which of the pregnancy signs and symptoms were most common, possibilities are morning sickness would be rather high up on the checklist if not at the top.

This Early morning Health issues Set at Amazon might be a great buy for a woman undertaking the rigors of morning illness or it might make a terrific existing for a person. The set includes these products: signs of gestational diabetes

  • Preggie Pop Drops – these are a solution for morning health issues that have vital oils to calm the stomach as well as additionally offer the mommy to be a power boost at a time when she finds her power levels are at a reduced ebb. It additionally takes treatment of the feeling of a dry mouth that several expectant mommies may face.
  • B-natalTM Therapops (Cherry) alleviates early morning sickness because of its vitamin B6 as well as sugar material active ingredients, which could eliminate symptoms.
  • Morning Wellness Tea Sip – it is advised that this be iced up right into ice dices which can be sucked initial point in the morning.
  • Crystallized Ginger – Ginger is recognized to relive nausea.
  • Gin-Gins Difficult Candy Take Gin Gins – a Ginger candy that can be brought around anywhere you go.

If there was a poll taken to identify which maternity symptom females discovered most un-enjoyable or if there was a poll to see which of the pregnancy signs and symptoms were most common, possibilities are morning sickness would be rather high up on the checklist if not at the top.

This Early morning Health issues Set at Amazon might be a great buy for a woman undertaking the rigors of morning illness or it might make a terrific existing for a person. The set includes these products: signs of gestational diabetes

  • Preggie Pop Drops – these are a solution for morning health issues that have vital oils to calm the stomach as well as additionally offer the mommy to be a power boost at a time when she finds her power levels are at a reduced ebb. It additionally takes treatment of the feeling of a dry mouth that several expectant mommies may face.
  • B-natalTM Therapops (Cherry) alleviates early morning sickness because of its vitamin B6 as well as sugar material active ingredients, which could eliminate symptoms.
  • Morning Wellness Tea Sip – it is advised that this be iced up right into ice dices which can be sucked initial point in the morning.
  • Crystallized Ginger – Ginger is recognized to relive nausea.
  • Gin-Gins Difficult Candy Take Gin Gins – a Ginger candy that can be brought around anywhere you go.

Pregnant ladies experience a great deal of minor problems like nausea or vomiting, insomnia, cold and also others however it might not be advisable or possible for them to go with over-the-counter medications each time. Therefore it is considered better to opt for all-natural techniques of cure in such a situation.

A lot of expectant females question whether it is safe to take in herbs throughout this stage and also could consider them unsafe. However it is essential to understand that there are some herbs which are secure as well as are rather crucial for expectant women. The following is a checklist of some of such natural remedies to comply with during pregnancy.

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1. Ginger-for Morning Sickness

Morning health issues is something which most pregnant ladies experience. It could absolutely throw away their system off balance as well as might trigger a whole lot of anxiety. To deal with early morning illness, one of the ideal herbal treatments is ginger. Ginger is an aromatic and also hot natural herb which can be made use of in food preparation, in tea as well as could be utilized in a selection of various other ways. Ginger assists to minimize nausea, throwing up and also might even improve immunity.

2. Red Raspberry Fallen leave for a Much easier Labor

Red raspberry fallen leave natural herb is a mineral abundant tonic which could be used to support a healthy pregnancy and can tone the uterus to assist a woman plan for birth. It aids to minimize issues as well as treatments related to birth and also is therefore advised while pregnant. You can have this herb in the type of tea and the advised dosage is 1.5 gram-5 gram daily in tea.

3. Echinacea for Colds

Colds too are typical while pregnant as well as the most effective natural remedy to treat them is to utilize Echinacea. This natural herb has actually shown to lower the sizes of chilly as well as could additionally help to prevent them from recurring. This natural herb is best used in the form of tincture as well as can additionally be found available through capsules.

4. Cranberry for Avoidance of UTI

UTIs or Urinary system infections are also really typical during maternity. While it is true that they could be dealt with medically utilizing anti-biotics but among the very best natural as well as natural means to treat them is to make use of cranberry. Cranberry can not be made use of as a substitute for treatment yet has actually revealed to stop UTI from occurring or recurring. Cranberry could be used in many kinds consisting of cranberry juice and also cranberry pills etc.

5. Chamomile for Better Sleep

Pregnancy may typically bring along with itself difficulties in resting or disrupted sleep. The best means to manage this trouble is to make use of an organic remedy like that of chamomile. Chamomile is one herb which aids to promote relaxation as well as motivate excellent rest. It could be taken by taking numerous mugs of it daily in instance of anxiety as well as one can likewise make chamomile tea and also consume it prior to going to bed. You could quickly find chamomile natural herb readily available at your neighborhood organic stores or various other grocery store markets.

Body massages and therapies are terrific for a pregnant woman. It aids to calm the body as well as also maintain it energised and also fresh. Expectant women do not really feel any kind of sort of pressure if they sell massages. One such type of massage is the acupuncture. It has many health benefits for an expectant girl. Pregnant women typically struggle with neck and back pain, insomnia, morning illness, etc. Acupuncture aids to recover every one of these clinical problems as well as offer alleviation to expecting females. It additionally assists in the shipment time when most women deal with serious labour discomfort. Acupuncture is typically the way of bringing equilibrium in the lives of expecting ladies to ensure that they do not really feel the stress of lugging a child in their womb.

5 Efficient Advantages Of Acupuncture While pregnant Can Be Detailed As Under:

1. Helps To Fight Depression

Pregnant ladies may feel clinically depressed at time and they might likewise get aggravated sometimes. Acupuncture assists to combat versus the depression. The extent of the anxiety minimizes when an expecting lady gets the advantage of acupuncture. The majority of expecting females additionally reply to the therapy of acupuncture as well as they begin feeling vibrant and also pleased which is a tried and tested fact.

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2. Sleeping Problems

With a huge stomach, it ends up being difficult for a pregnant female to sleep properly. They can not move conveniently and also as a result of the joint pains, they likewise locate it tough to sleep. Yet, sleeping gets regular and also normal when an expecting woman tackles acupuncture as it loosens up the body and prompts it to visit rest. Women obtaining acupuncture can sleep far better also during pregnancy.

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3. Tackle The Problem Of Morning Sickness

Morning health issues is associated with vomiting as well as additionally really feeling queasiness. It is an usual sensation among expecting ladies. The acupuncture targets on the wrists and also reduce the problem of morning sickness to a wonderful extent.

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4. Headaches

With pregnancy comes the issue of headache frequently. With acupuncture, the problem of pregnancy frustration can also be fixed. Acupuncture additionally prevents expecting females from taking heavy doses of medication. Some expectant women take to injections when they really feel migraines. These would be quit with acupuncture.

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5. Neck and back pain As well as Pelvic Discomfort Lowered

When expecting females are in their 2nd as well as third trimesters, they could get lower pain in the back and pelvic discomfort. These pain could be severe as well as excruciating if correct care is not taken. With the procedure of acupuncture, there will certainly be decrease in the degree of discomfort and expecting women will certainly feel some kind of relief from the pain. These are some of the amazing advantages of acupuncture throughout pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is the period which brings different modifications in your body, and also fortunately, the majority of the adjustments are much more excruciating than pleasurable.

Painful hips, back, and also legs, sleeplessness, nausea or vomiting, swollen feet, frustration and also numerous unforeseeable hormones, all belong of regular pregnancy.

Most of you recuperate from the discomforts of pregnancy as well as likewise this aid in your labor and also delivery.

The trick behind this is prenatal massage.

The benefits of prenatal massage and also massage therapy for infants are fairly new exploration as well as are becoming more popular.

During your maternity, your skeletal framework keeps high amounts of weight.

There is a greater shift in your organs to develop your baby, as well as also you will certainly undergo multitude of emotional and also emotional changes.gestational diabetes meal plan

In prenatal massage, the therapist primarily focuses to regulate those muscular tissues, which are most affected by the changes of your pregnancy. Prenatal massage assists to lessen the discomfort and additionally supply relaxation.

Therapeutic benefits of prenatal massage – According to the study

  • Improves blood circulation as well as makes flow in the regular direction of circulation. This help to lessen the swelling and offers enough oxygen supply to your baby.
  • Lessens the discomfort as well as offers higher relaxation and also deep breathing, which aids you throughout the labor.
  • Massage enhances your muscle as well as skin tone.
  • Helps to experience from the pain at shoulder, back as well as neck, which results from the muscle mass imbalance.
  • Helps to minimize anxiousness, depression, and also anxiety, which is because of hormone imbalances.
  • Prenatal massage therapy eases from muscle discomfort, like tightening up, knots, cramping and also stiffness.
  • It relieves you from insomnia.
  • Massage decreases the stress on weight supporting joints like ankles, hips and lower back.
  • Massage offers emotional support through gentle touch.
  • Massage offers a wonderful alleviation from persistent headaches.
  • Massage enhances the procedure of digestion.
  • Improves your skin’s flexibility as well as can help to reduce the stretch marks.

Studies have shown that 20 mins of prenatal massage for twice a week for 5 weeks minimizes the stress hormones in your body. Additionally, this process proceeds your mood as well as rest patterns and also there is an excellent reduction in pain in the back and also anxiety.

Women that obtain prenatal massage had reduced risks of postnatal difficulties, premature births, as well as couple of obstetrical problems.

Link between prenatal massage therapy in initial trimester to miscarriage:

Most of the experts recommend you to prevent massage therapy during the initial trimester of your pregnancy, due to the fact that at this time your body still undergoes the modifications. This is since 90% of the losing the unborn babies just take place in the first trimester of maternity. So, for this, if you stay clear of massage therapy, then you will be safe from miscarriage.

One a lot more factor to stay clear of prenatal massage therapy during initial trimester is morning sickness. 85-90% of the pregnant women have nausea or vomiting and early morning health issues in the early pregnancy. So, prenatal massage for females with these types of problems is not an appropriate one.

If you don’t experience any of the above problems, then you could go with massaging. However, you require to prevent stomach massage therapy. In some cases, prenatal massage triggers misplacing of placenta.

Massaging is totally safe in your Second and 3rd trimester.

A mother-to-be should talk to her physician before getting prenatal massage therapy. If you have any illness like high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus, prenatal massage is not suitable for you.

There are few problems linked with travel during pregnancy.

In a lot of the situations, expecting females could travel safely, even to exotic destinations.

But the important things is you have to recognize the safety and security aspects associated with insurance coverage, vaccination and also medications.

Along with the above factors, there are different unique guidelines for pregnant females that desire to pass by air.

You require to be extremely careful regarding some tasks like hiking, diving and also water sports, due to the fact that these activities could trigger stress on your body, which is the main offender throughout pregnancy.

Travel while pregnant – safe or not

Generally, traveling during pregnancy is considered as safe till you don’t have any issues or problems connected with your maternity. Travel throughout second trimester of your maternity is safe.

During first trimester pregnancy, you experience early morning sickness. So, you really feel uncomfortable during traveling. In third trimester, you will certainly be easily tired out. The optimal time to travel during maternity is second trimester.

Travel by roadway when you are expectant:
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Generally, it is secure to travel during maternity, whether it is by bus, car or train. The thing is, simply you should think about some safety measures to make your journey secure as well as extra enjoyable.

  • Always use the shoulder and also lap belts for much safer security of you as well as your unborn baby.
  • Turn on the air bags. The benefits of the airbag exceed the threats to you as well as your baby.
  • You ought to be extremely cautious when you taking a trip by bus, because they have slim aisles and also little bathrooms.
  • Keep traveling period as less as feasible i.e. between 5-6 hours.
  • During the quits, take brief strolls as well as do some small stretches to make sure that blood flow is normal.

Travel by air when you are pregnant:

Air travel is thought about as risk-free for expecting ladies. Here are some factors, which make your journey safer and also much more enjoyable:

  • Most of the airlines have actually tightened aisles and also small washrooms. So, it will be uneasy for you to utilize the washrooms. Occasionally the airplane could shake due to some turbulence. Make sure that you hold the seat backs whenever you navigate.
  • Always choose to take a trip by identified airline companies, prevent smaller personal ones.
  • While reservation, request for aisle seat, which allows you to get up easily as well as to go to the restroom. You could also conveniently stretch your legs as well as back.

Travel by sea when you are expecting:

Travel by sea is risk-free when you are expecting. The only thing is, sea movement increases your morning health issues and likewise you will certainly feel nauseous. Right here are couple of aspects that you need to consider:

  • Before going to book your sea traveling, check with the cruise ship line whether there is healthcare provider or not in situation of any type of emergency.
  • Ask your medical professional regarding the medicines for motion sickness and also whether they are risk-free to take and also they trigger no risk to your expanding baby.
  • Use illness bands. They make use of acupressure and also aid you in preventing indigestion and additionally serve as good option medication.

Tips for travel throughout maternity:

  • Take snacks along with you. With this, you will be well nourished throughout lengthy air trips or cars and truck trips.
  • Taking frequent stretch breaks is essential for a pregnant woman.
  • Consult your doctor regarding any kind of vaccination you have to stay clear of or limit during the travel.
  • Staying hydrated is very important. Take lots of liquids often. Constantly carry a bottle together with you.
  • Dressing appropriately is necessary for the journey. Using gown in layers maintains you amazing or cozy as you desire throughout the trip.

Whenever you make a decision to take a trip while pregnant, simply consider the above aspects so that you can appreciate safe and also comfortable traveling trip.

The first trimester is one of the most essential stages for an expectant woman. This is the moment the child establishes most quickly and this is the moment for a variety of complications as well at the exact same time. Expecting ladies need to take utmost treatment of their diet regimen during this stage due to the fact that it impacts the wellness of the child. This is one of the most critical time and also females need to be really cautious concerning exactly what they consume and how much. There are a couple of foods which need to be avoided at this phase as they can create tremendous damage to the baby.

Here Are 7 Foods To Stay clear of In The Initial Trimester:

1. Animal Liver

Animal liver is tasty but it could be harmful in the initial trimester. It has a great deal of contaminants, which if from a contaminated or from an unwell pet can be detrimental to the health and wellness of the infant. Pet liver is also rich in cholesterol and vitamin A which can at times bring about abortion. Everybody ought to have animal liver in moderation for their general health.

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2. Green Papaya

Green papaya can be really unsafe in the first trimester. It can cause difficulties and in extreme instances, there is a risk of miscarriage also. Green papaya usage is claimed to be one of the leading reasons for losing the unborn baby in women. Environment-friendly papaya consists of enzymes which trigger contractions in the womb which at some point causes abortion.

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3. Processed Meat

It is necessary to keep away from all refined meats in all forms. It is recommended not to have iced up meat too. Women must avoid stuffed food, sausages, crown, tinned meats as well as other high salt meats in their very first trimester. These foods are filled with chemicals as well as chemicals which could create injury to the fetal health. It can also bring about poisoning to the unborn child. In a lot of extreme instances, there may be a threat of miscarriage.

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4. Barley

Barley is commonly refined right into a variety of nutritious foods. Pregnant ladies must steer clear of from barley, especially in their first trimester as it triggers stimulation in the uterine muscular tissues which can cause uterine contractions. It is a fantastic threat as well as has the prospective to create miscarriage in ladies. It must not be consumed even in little amounts as it is dangerous to the fetal health.

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5. Canned Fish

Fishes residing in lakes, ponds as well as rivers may be impacted by contamination or diseases. Therefore, consumption of canned fish can result in serious problems in the initial trimester. Fishes are rich in vitamins and proteins which could be a reason for losing the unborn baby in women. Canned fish is usually packed with salt as well as preservatives in addition to various other chemicals which are harmful to ladies and the infant. Salt could cause water retention which is unsafe for the baby.

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6. Wild Apple

Wild apples typically have a wonderful, bitter as well as sour preference – rather appealing for expectant women, troubled with morning sickness. Wild apples are not good for anticipating moms and could be a reason of losing the unborn baby. Enzymes existing in wild apples often tend to thrill the uterus which causes uterine tightening. This commonly triggers miscarriage in the first trimester. Ladies ought to keep away from wild apples regardless of exactly how appealing they seem to be.

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7. Peaches

Peaches are sweet as well as warm. Ladies have a threat of bleeding if they take in peaches in their very first trimester. Peaches often tend to trigger pain that includes throat itching which could result in nausea in females that causes excessive stress to the baby.

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Mostly Ladies assume that they are ready for the most wanted stage of their life which is being expecting. Most of us are recognized to the stories of our ancestors on pregnancy symptoms which are fatigue, desires for food, morning sickness and so on. We are unaware concerning the symptoms that may embarrass us and also we do not really feel comfy in chatting concerning them.In this short article we will certainly chat about the most embarrassing symptoms and just what steps you may take to handle them.

Here Are The 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Manifestations:

1. Wetting Your Pants

There occurs an abrupt ruptured of urine when you are expectant. This is since when your womb increases it puts in a sudden stress on bladder therefore you could not control your pee to stream as well as wind up in wetting your trousers. Sometimes, women experience unexpected circulation of urine to their socks when they laugh or instantly stand up.

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2. Leakage Of Breasts

During pregnancy some females encounter leak of busts which takes place generally because of a hormonal agent called prolactin that makes your breasts obtain prepared for bust feeding of your baby. Leaking of breasts occurs while having shower or even while having sex with your partner. There is no other way to quit busts leakage however it is good for your child since it is the first fluid you will feed to you child after birth.

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3. Morning Sickness

The most typical sign while pregnant is morning sickness which occasionally obtains worst for some ladies. You may vomit when you anticipated it the very least to happen. In some women it begins in the 6th week of maternity while in some it begins a bit early in the fourth week. Nausea could be really uncomfortable yet it is not harmful to you along with your child. The ideal thing is it is the indication of healthy maternity in an expectant lady.

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4. Excessive Gas As well as Bombasting

While you are expectant a hormonal agent called progesterone goes to a very high degree in your body which decreases the digestive system and develops a lot more gas in the body. Your body gives off gases so loudly occasionally at inappropriate times. This symptom is additionally really embarrassing sometimes and also makes you helpless too.

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5. Memory Loss

This is one of the most surprising signs an expectant females deals with during pregnancy. You could never have actually believed in your most disastrous dream that you can neglect the keys of your vehicle or the presentation day at job. This takes place since there are numerous adjustments taking place in your body that you overload your mind as well as it obtains chaotic. Do once at a time.

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6. You Start Scratching When You Talk

Scratching the vaginal area is a negative problem in maternity. Odor, swelling of vulva, white discharge and itching entered into these genital problems. This takes place because of the growing size of your womb. Occasionally you really feel melting experience likewise due to the fluids increase.

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7. Mood Swings

This is not a poor symptoms yet it may obtain worse when you remain in a center of a public location as well as suddenly yell on individuals for touching you or come near you. You could even begin sobbing in front of family or friends because of some negative experience you had during your maternity. You could end up being pleased instantly or sometimes as well depressing. You sound a little crazy in your pregnancy.

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For a very easy and better maternity stay connected with your medical professional and review all the problems as well as agitation that you feel throughout pregnancy.

Besides providing alleviation for the mother, research shows that Chinese acupuncture session a month during maternity can substantially enhance your child’s health.

How does acupuncture work?

An significantly popular type of medicine, the old Chinese art of acupuncture is made use of by about 5 million Americans for remedy for typical ailments.

Based on the premise that the important force (“ qi”) moves with the body along the courses referred to as “meridians”, acupuncture intends to stabilize the power when it is blocked.gestational diabetes symptoms

Using slim gold needles, the acupuncturist maneuvers impacted factors, which there are over 2000, to enhance energy circulation via the body.

Acupuncture points made use of while pregnant:

Good neiguan: This acupuncture point is situated at 2 fingers over the inner wrist. When the acupuncturist targets this factor, it offers relief from early morning sicness[morning sickness remedies]

Zusanli: This point is positioned over the kneecap. Targeting of this point can decrease water retention as well as motivate digestion.

Zhubin: Positioned below the calf bone muscular tissues as well as just on top of the internal anklebone, excitement of this factor, offers remedy for signs and symptoms like anxiety and hypertension.

Research reveals that acupuncture provided during maternity offers quicker remedy for nausea or vomiting than those who don’t have acupuncture.

Acupuncture also aids expecting women deal with pelvic discomfort and reduced back pain. Various other signs and symptoms which could be alleviated by acupuncture consist of:

  • Hypertension
  • Heartburn
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Weight control

Other benefits of acupuncture:

1. Psychological issues

The most common mental signs and symptoms that could be treated with acupuncture are anxiety, worry and also tension. Sustaining internal equilibrium, acupuncture is deeply relaxing and a great remedy to clinical depression as well as post-partum depression.

Depression is typically an outcome of blocked energy in the liver triggered by rage, aggravation, animosity or mechanical damages from viral or chemical sources.

2. Physical problems

Morning sickness: The common factor targeted to treat the problem is pericardium 6, which integrates food digestion. The major purpose is to subdue the defiant stomach qi relocating the wrong direction.

Edema: Also called swelling, ankle joint as well as foot edema is most common throughout the second and also third trimesters and also is created by an increase in distributing liquid in the body. According to the Standard Chinese Medication (TCM), the buildup of liquid is because of stationary qi or the lack thereof in the kidney as well as spleen.

Fatigue: The most usual sign endured while pregnant, tiredness is treated by sleep and a nourishing diet regimen. Acupuncture assists boost manufacturing of blood as well as various other fluids and promotes ideal functioning of the inner organs by unblocking qi flow.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS): As a result of the blood circulation of added liquid in pregnancy, the compression of the meridian nerve can cause CTS.

3. Labor

During labor and also delivery, acupuncture assists to enhance weak tightenings and decrease pain.

Acupuncture-assisted delivery is shorter, less stressful, and also less painful and it is less likely to trigger post-partum hemorrhage.