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He loves to stretch

I can feel his little feet poking out as far as they can across my belly making his lil butt stick out on the other side. I enjoy patting his bottom and poking his feet. Often times I’ll get a kick 😁 Many times though those stretches catch me by surprise! 😯😊 He’ll be out of room soon enough 💙👣


Shopping Spree 🛍️😆🍼

I am so grateful for all the support and generosity of everyone who came (and even those who couldn’t) to my baby shower. We got so many things we needed and it’s really helped me to feel like we’re going to have all that we need.

Today husband and I went on a shopping spree! We went through what was left on the need (and want) list and finished buying or ordering everything. From nursing supplies, postpartum care, and more baby things – we are so ready! I even got the glider I’ve been wanting.

I’m so spoiled! 🤗

Once it all arrives in the mail I can put together the hospital bag and postpartum care kit to keep in my bathroom. I’m very happy! I’m going to be making crazy progress over the next week fueled by a fresh wave of motivation from all the final purchases.

I could burst with how thankful I am – to my husband, our family and friends, to the universe.

I feel so fortunate 💙


Baby Shower Tomorrow!

I’m so excited! Only 7 weeks away from my due date and I’m eager to get everything ready for little one’s arrival!

I’m so grateful to everyone who will be coming to support us and help us get everything we’re going to need. Soon enough the nursery will be finished. I want to be able to spend the last weeks not worried about if we have everything prepared.

Though, 7 weeks does not feel like enough time. Not when motivation is hard to find. I need to go into overdrive mode and get this shit done.

  • Purchase anything else we need after baby shower
  • Finish nursery set up – furniture, closet organizer, area rug, toy/bookshelf
  • Wash and put away all baby clothes, linens, etc.
  • Prepare frozen meals and snacks for after baby arrives
  • Final house cleaning – especially floors, bathrooms
  • Clean vehicle and install car seat
  • Set up newborn sleeping arrangements
  • Fill and prep diaper stations upstairs and downstairs
  • Baby shower thank you cards
  • Hospital bag
  • Postpartum care supplies
  • Nursing supplies and order breast pump through insurance
  • Maternity photoshoot coming up
  • Newborn feet and handprints keepsake
  • Outfits for newborn photoshoot
  • Address list for newborn announcements
  • Have all three dogs groomed
  • And of course all the usual: laundry, dishes, vacuum, cooking/groceries, general house tidy, dealing with medical bills…

Okay…I’m not going to panic. It’s going to be accomplished. I can do it. I can get this done before my precious boy shows up.

Don’t. Panic. 😳😳😳




This is insane. 4 weeks vs 30 weeks.

This is insane. 4 weeks vs 30 weeks.


Holy Heartburn ❤️🔥

Daily. Every day I have heartburn. I’m usually waking up and going to bed with it. Some days it’s indigestion too which leads to throwing up.

I’m managing it though 💪. I’m back to saltines in the morning to help prevent getting sick. And at night I avoid acidic foods and trying to not eat too soon before laying down.

Overall, this pregnancy really has been easy going and for that I’m thankful. Sure there are some aches and periodic vomiting but I really don’t find it to be quite so bad.

Plus, only 10 more weeks to go! Can you believe it?!

Husband and I painted pottery for the nursery …

Husband and I painted pottery for the nursery on our babymoon ☺️ I did the a foxy-bank 🦊 and he did the jar nightlight 🌟


I slept all day 💤

I slept fairly well through the night given some heartburn and the usual middle of the night bathroom trip. When I woke up around 7:30am I was still so tired but my stomach was a little uneasy. After throwing up a couple times and some tossing and turning I made it back to sleep probably around 8:30-9am. Woke up again at 10:30am since my damn dogs have needs like bathroom and food. So needy, geez. I was fairly hungry myself anyways so at least I made myself some yummy waffles. After breakfast, I figured I’d lay down for just a bit longer. It was 11am so maybe if I got just a couple more hours of sleep I could get up and do all the house chores I want accomplished before we leave for our babymoon on Sunday.

Woke up at 4:30pm. 4:30! Wow! How did that happen?

And how am I going to get any sleep tonight for our 8am birthing class tomorrow morning? 😁😁 Oops.

Every day being pregnant is a blessing. I coul…

Every day being pregnant is a blessing. I couldn’t be happier 💕


27 Weeks!

Last week of the second trimester! I’m starting to feel like I have so much to do and so little time. These last 3 months are likely to fly by and yet go so slowly all at once.

My doctor gave me the paperwork to go do my glucose test next week. They said I’m not supposed to eat after midnight which will mean a hungry tossing-and-turning night of restlessness. But then they also said to take it easy on carbs and sugar the couple days leading up to the test. What?! What else is there to eat? I don’t think I know how to live any other way than carbs and sugar. You might as well ask me to starve! So, that should be interesting…

My Mom has been over helping to paint the nursery this weekend. We’ll be finishing the last of it today and I’m super excited! Then I can start on furniture, decor, organizing diaper stuff, etc! And all those cute little baby clothes 😍 we only have a few outfits so far but they’re so damn adorable I could cry. He’s going to grow out of every outfit far too quickly it’s not even fair. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I just need to focus on this pregnancy first and continue to pray to the forces that be that we will both make it through safe and healthy. It’s all I ask for 💙