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12 Ways To Have a Quicker, Shorter Labor – Trimester Talk:

Want a faster, shorter, labor? Here are some ways to do just that. 

When it’s been one of those days.


“The good ol’ 6wk evening bounce and shush shush shush. 🌙✨”





On April fool’s day, some things are not a joke…

gestational diabetes recipesPregnancy could be hard enough without seeming like you require to learn a new language to understand every one of the maternity acronyms being tossed around. Below’s a little rip off sheet in order to help you out!

2WW 2 Week Wait (prior to taking a pregnancy examination)

AF Aunt Flo (menstruation/period)

AH      Assisted Hatching

AMA Advanced Maternal Age or Against Medical Advice

BBT    Basal Body Temperature

BC Contraception Pills

BD        Baby Dance (sex)

BF Breastfeed or Boyfriend

BFN Big Fat Adverse (maternity test)

BFP Large Fat Positive (maternity test)

BLW      Baby Led Weaning

BM Breastmilk or Bowel Movement

B/W      Bloodwork

CB         Cycle Buddy

CD         Cycle Day

CF Cervical Fluid

CM        Cervical Mucus

CP Cervical Position

C/S Cesarean Area (C-Section)

DD/DS Dear Daughter/Dear Son

DPO      Days Past Ovulation

DPR      Days Past Retrieval

DPT      Days Past Transfer

DP3DT Days Past 3 Day Transfer

DP5DT Days Past 5 Day Transfer

EBM     Expressed Breast Milk

ED         Egg Donor

EDD      Estimated Due Date

EWCM Egg White Cervical Mucus

FBG      Fasting Blood Glucose

FM Fertility Mucus or Fertility Monitor

FF Solution Feeding or Fertility Friend

FP Follicular Phase

GA         Gestational Age

GD Gestational Diabetes

GTT Sugar Tolerance Test

HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone)

HPT      Home Pregnancy Test

IC Inexperienced Cervix

ICSI Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IUGR Intrauterine Development Restriction

IUI Intrauterine Insertion

IVF In Vitro Fertilization

L&D      Labor and Delivery

LD&R Labor, Delivery, and also Recovery

LGA Big for Gestational Age

LMP Last Menstrual Duration (first day of)

LP          Luteal Phase

LPD       Luteal Phase Defect

M/C       Miscarriage

MM       Mother’s Milk

MS Early morning Sickness or Numerous Sclerosis

O            Ovulation

O’d        Ovulated

OCP      Oral Contraceptive Pill

OGTT Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

OPK Ovulation Forecaster Kit

PG Pregnant or Pregnancy

POAS Pee on a Stick (pregnancy test)

PPD       Postpartum Depression

REReproductive Endocrinologist

SD           Sperm Donor

SGA Small for Gestational Age

SO Significant Other

TCOYF  Taking Cost of Your Fertility book

TTC        Trying to Conceive

US           Ultrasound

VBAC Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section


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